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Knight Letter - Autumn 2012
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Our 140th Year!

William D. Kennedy's Pythian History tells us Colorado Lodge No. 1, Knights of Pythias, was instituted July 4, 1872, in a lodge room occupied by the Independent Order of B'nai B'rith, being room 4, Crow & Clark's Block, city of Denver, Territory of Colorado. Shortly thereafter a number of its members, who desired to use the German Ritual, amicably withdrew. They and others formed Damon Lodge No. 2 that was instituted October 18, 1872 at the Knights of Pythias Hall, corner of Fifteenth and Holiday Streets, Denver. Centennial Lodge No. 8 was instituted in Denver on March 9, 1876. That was in Pythian Period XIII since the Order's founding February 19, 1864, in Washington, D.C. And nearly five months before Colorado became known by that name when on August 1, 1876, it joined the Union in its 100th year. Damon Lodge No. 2 later consolidated with the younger Rathbone Lodge that took the "No. 2" into its name. And as the charter that hangs on the wall in our castle hall tells us, "on the 8th day of April, 1928, Rathbone Lodge No. 2 and Centennial Lodge No. 8 became one as Centennial Lodge No. 2.

Please place dates announced on your calendar, save and bring this "program" with you. If you have not already been provided the rough copy of the 2012 Junto Roster that is still a work in progress, and want one, notify the editor and it will be either emailed or snail mailed to you.

From: Centennial Lodge No. 2, Knights of Pythias
TO: Knights, Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club, Prospective Members & Our Families

Second Tuesday, September 11:
Grange Hall, 3935 W. 73rd Avenue, Westminster, Colorado - Map Location

From Denver take I-25 to the Boulder Turnpike. Get off on Federal Boulevard's second, going south exit. Proceed south on Federal to 72nd Avenue, turn west and go four stoplights to Lowell Blvd. Turn right, go north one block. Then proceed west on 73rd Avenue several blocks. Ours is the clearly marked, white building on the north side of the street. There is ample parking on either side of the street in front of it. Or you can park behind the building by entering its driveway on the west side of the Grange. Come as you are, casual or work attire is fine.

Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club Junto Dinner & Rush Party
5:30 p.m. Vice Chancellor Melvin Wilburn and Master at Arms Dan Fick pull out the tables kept under the stage and arrange them in a hollow square. Then place our altar, kept in the alcove to the right of the entry door, in the center. Treasurer Terry Jones in the kitchen readies dinner largely cooked elsewhere.

6:30 P.M.
Under the leadership of Westminster High School's new Head Wresting Coach, Doug Pfeifer, along with continuing Assistant Coaches, Chris Byrd and Trent Fugita, Knights all, our KP Wrestling Club youth, their dads and other prospective members form the buffet line and fill our plates with pot roast and all the trimmings from tables lining the south wall.

Then, over dinner, as our Pathagoras' head "talking stick" is handed from person-to-person, each does his own "show and tell" for up to three minutes. A Knights of Pythias badge, once worn by the editor's grandfather will be awarded the most interesting. So give what most interests you that you want to tell us about some thought. (Politics and religion are the only topics excluded in our interfaith, interracial brotherhood.)

Remember, too, that 2012 enrollment in the Gilbert W. Chavez, Sr., Memorial Class continues with this "Rush Party" a month in advance. An ample supply of The Pythian Story (An Invitation) and Application for Membership will be on hand. Our expectation is that dinner guests, seeing what we're up to and what a great crew we are, will wish to fill out the latter and accompany it with $35 ($25 initiation fee and $10 dues for the second half of 2012) that evening.

7:30 P.M. Wrestling Club members, dads and other prospective members depart. Centennial Lodge No. 2 opens its convention in due form to give Applications for Membership accompanied by the appropriate fee a "first reading" as required by Pythian law. Approval will also be sought for the lodge picking up the rental and food tab for the Planning Retreat for 2013 on pages 2-4, including authorization of the special convention connected therewith. Already-reserved Glen View Lodge sleeps 10. With high school varsity sports in full swing, we expect considerable
coming and going by Knights and invited guests. Be prepared to tell us when you can enjoy the fellowship and fun. Carpooling to and from the site at various times will then be arranged before the lodge's due form 8:30 closing.

Friday & Saturday, September 21 & 22:

Glen Isle on the Platte, Bailey, Colorado From Denver take Hampden Avenue (Colorado Highway 285) west 56 miles, one mile beyond Bailey. Glen Isle is on the left side of the highway. Cross over the bridge that spans the north fork of the South Platte River and proceed to Glen View Lodge, the resort's largest. Bring your fishing pole. Notice of Special convention: On Saturday, September 22, 2012, in Glen View Lodge, at 1 p.m., Centennial Lodge No. 2, Knights of Pythias, may take such action on the subjects below as it deems appropriate.

Planning Retreat for 2013
"Plan your work. Then work your plan." So the saying goes and so Centennial Lodge aims to do. At appropriate times, with some invited guests in attendance, we'll be trying to turn the following "problems" and others into "opportunities"

Expanding Our Support How can we be a better "booster club" for the high school wrestling programs coached by our Knights? When their sons become Boy Scouts, their fathers are expected to show up and be supportive. If members of the church sponsoring the troop, they also become liaisons, seeing that the church adequately supports the troop. As Doug Pfeiffer points out, many of his wrestlers do not have fathers living at home. It is our hope that a dad who does will wish to become a Knight on October the 9th. And not only provide transportation for his son and teammates to our Club's spring and summer tournaments and camps, but also be a liaison between the Club and the lodge. As such, that dad will keep both informed about what the other is doing. In that connection it is also most gratifying that those coaching during the wrestling season at the various high schools and then our Club in the off-seasons have been willing to become not only knights but also officers of Centennial Lodge as was the late Gil Chavez, Sr. and is our present Chancellor Commander, Dennis Mercer. Now numbered on our 2012 Junto Membership Roster as "Knights at a Distance" are several former coaches and wrestlers. Engaged in other activities to earn a living, we seldom see them. Has the time come to organize them and the dads of sons who have graduated from high school into a separate "Booster Club" category? Of their $20 annual dues, the $5 per capita tax we pay to Supreme Lodge will keep them in good standing as Knights. The other $15 could be earmarked to go to the Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club program. With Knights officering such a Booster Club, it could also enlist support from other families whose sons are on the high school wrestling team that one of our Knights coaches. Westminster and West high schools have been the feeders into the KP Wrestling Club on the off season. Should we organize a separate Booster Club's for each? Will Past Chancellor Ramon Bargas, president of the West High Alumni Association, lend a hand in organizing what could be a sub group of his? Knight Joe Sisneros, as Head Wrestling Coach at Westminster also did a great job heading up the Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club 2011 spring and summer program and setting 2012's on course. Now, as a physical education teacher at Adams City high school, he has decided to focus on being its Boys Swim Team head scoach. Knight Derek Maines, one of his assistants, however, is now Head Wrestling Coach at Valor Christian high school in Highlands Ranch. Word is that other knights are also involved in wrestling team coaching at Denver's John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln high school. (Knight Rich Martinez is Lincoln's Head Football Coach.) As we discuss and make decisions of how the KP Wrestling Club should be uniformed and constituted next spring and summer, it is to be hoped we'll have input from our many coaching Knights. From how many high schools will the Club be drawing its youth members? Should the Club in 2013 operate as one combined or several, separate high school based entities?

Bringing in Our Youth

To obtain the benefits of our mutual aid society, the youth in our Wrestling Club apply at the outset to receive the Ranks of Pythian Knighthood and pay the $25 initiation fee. In turn, the Lodge this past spring and summer expended some $2,000 for their wrestling tournament and camp fees. But they have to wait until they turn 18 to become Knights. Centennial's Resolution to lower the age to 16 will not be taken up until the Supreme Lodge meets in Las Vegas, Nevada, August 11-15, 2014. Meantime we need to keep in touch with these 2011 and 2012 Applicants, see that those who've reached 18 are contacted for the upcoming Memorial Class and all are invited to our December Christmas Dinner & Installation.

Raising Our Youth's Educational Sights
The KP Wrestling Club is mainly composed of minority youth. With limited family resources, too many don't even think of education beyond high school. Some of our Knights are also alumni of a fraternity. It has chapters at both the University of Denver and Colorado School of Mines. Conversations are ongoing for some or all of their executive committees to become Knights. Further, instead of, or in addition to, staging once-a-year events for the less fortunate, should we explore with the leaders of those chapters out funding more on-going contacts-during-the-school year between our Wrestling Club youth and these collegians on a big brother/little brother basis?

Establishing Other Lodges
It only takes 9 to charter a Pythian lodge; 5 constitute a quorum. When the government got into "the alms race", our lodge turned from caring for its sick, burying its dead and looking after its orphans. Instead, today, using income from the corpus derived from the sale of our building, we fund the spring and summer wrestling camp and tournament entry fees for the youth in our Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club. Past Deputy Supreme Chancellor John Wren, who's into life-long learning, told us about Benjamin Franklin's Junto. Each Junto dinner that precedes our lodge convention, features some variation of that Founding Father's go-around-the-table talk. Google up "Junto (club) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" for a fuller account. Youth wrestling is our main focus. Thus Centennial Lodge is increasingly composed of the coaches, fathers and others supportive of its Club. We are having or have had conversations with citizens in Central City and Silver Plume/Georgetown about re-establishing lodges that once flourished in each. "Knights of Pythias" in big letters is still to be seen on the building at 101 Gregory Street, in downtown Central City. The late George Rowe was mayor of Silver Plume for 40 years. Housed in the former school house, its museum bears the name of that Pythian. Assembling a Junto-practicing lodge to support a charter school has also been discussed. We've discovered that so long as we keep our focus on our passion for youth wrestling, we can "hang together" quite nicely while moving from place to place. So, too, could members living in each of those towns or affiliated with the charter school. Key is drawing together individuals who perceive the same need for them to address. Such a lodge-with-a-purpose resurrected in "The Little Kingdom of Gilpin" would immediately be linked not only with the Old Guard buried in its historic cemetery but also living fellow Knights in "The Queen City of the Plains". Wouldn't it be wonderful to have our applicants, on the way to Pythian knighthood, travel to a different lodge, each proficient in conferring that one rank?

Deepening Our Commitment
If you were put on trial for being a Pythian, would there be enough evidence to convict you? The lessons taught in Pythian ritual are, in its words, "intended to be practical and of practical benefit." In this, the 140th year of our lodge's existence, are we doing as good a job of exemplifying the ranks as our forefathers? As noted in the last Knight Letter, between castle hall moves officer regalia were lost. Should these collars be replaced? To see what we're talking about, google up "Fratline Emblematics". Go to the left side of that website and click "Online store". When that comes up, look to the right where, under CATAGORIES, you can go down to "Knights of Pythias", click, and the collars, with titles, come into view. As non-officers in attendance at our conventions also enter into the spirit of our ceremonies, should they bear Pythian badges or display emblems suspended on a neck ribbon? Just what should be the "Centennial Look"? We'll be bringing to the Retreat some KP jewels that have been so worn. Also a sampling of Pythian books. You may wish to dip into them when not hiking or fishing. Should Centennial Lodge have its own explanatory pamphlet? We'll have a sampling of what other lodges have done along that line, too

Marshaling Our Money
In the 1920's we joined other Pythian lodges in floating bonds to purchase a several story building in downtown Denver. Following the crash of 1929, it was lost to creditors. Centennial Lodge alone contracted to purchase the Highland Masonic Temple at 3220 Federal Boulevard for $8,000 with very little down. (The Masons moved up the street to 3500 Federal Boulevard where their Temple occupies the entire block.) Thanks to income from other users, that indebtedness was liquidated in short order. Over time the demographics of North Denver changed. But those then in control refused to welcome into membership their neighbors, even though it was their wedding receptions and coming-of-age observances that were largely keeping The Pythian Building afloat. By the 1990's the brick exterior of the two story structure needed re-pointing. The converted from coal-to-gas furnace in the basement threatened to fail at any moment. And having from time to time driven out individuals who sought to re-vision the lodge, the one family dominated handful who remained sold the building to the present owner. Centennial's next home, purchased with the funds thus derived, was a one story just south of W. Mississippi Avenue on South Viejo Street. While newer, it proved too small to attract the previously enjoyed income from outside users. So, under circumstances that those in attendance at this retreat may wish to enquire, it was sold in the up-market of the early 2000's. The sales proceeds are what the Trustees, with lodge authorization, have invested. The income derived therefrom fuels our KP Wrestling Club program. A substantial Certificate of Deposit, which was taken out when interest rates on CDs were high, shortly comes due. This retreat is a good time to bring Knights in attendance up to date on the Lodge's investment portfolio. And get you input as to how we might best invest the lodge's capital in this uncertain market. The search also continues for once again acquiring a castle hall housed in a building generating a positive cash flow from sharing it with rent payers.

Fourth Tuesdays, September 25, October 23, November 27: 7:30
Regular Lodge Conventions at Chancellor Commander Dennis Mercer's residence, 3260 S. 112th Circle, Westminster, CO 80031. No quorum expected on December 25. Merry Yuletide & a Happy New Year to all!

Second Tuesday, October 9:
Robinson Law Center, 2865 South Colorado Boulevard, Denver - Map Location
If coming from the north, get on I-25 going south to Colorado Boulevard, turn south and travel about a mile until you cross Amherst Avenue. Enter the driveway immediately in front of the three story building. Park in the lot on the west side. Then enter via the west door and take the elevator to 2nd floor. We'll start with Junto Dinner in Suite 203; then move to Castle Hall in Suite 200. Come as you are. Casual dress is fine.

Conferral of Pythian Knighthood upon Chavez Memorial Class

6:30 p.m. Each Knight and Applicant for the Gilbert W. Chavez, Sr. Memorial Class will receive our individually ordered, no-charge meal. So on or before Sunday noon, Oct. 7, call Treasurer Terry Jones on his mobile phone, (303) 564-0988, and make your selection. Over it, each of us should be prepared in two minutes to tell us about himself (family, present or past occupation and other interests) as Pythagoras' head passes around the table from speaker to speaker. Thus we'll not only get better acquainted but also interview Applicants!

7:00 P.M. Lodge Convention opens in due form in Castle Hall for second reading of Applications and balloting upon the same. Then, using the One Session Initiation Ritual for Subordinate Lodges of Knights of Pythias, Centennial Lodge No. 2, will at

7:30 P.M. Confer the Rank of Page. Starting in Suite 203; concluding in Suite 200 Castle Hall
8:15 P.M. Confer the Rank of Esquire. Castle Hall, Suite 200.
8:45 P.M. Confer the Rank of Knight. Cast in order of speaking: Master at Arms, Dan Fick; Monitor, Terry Jones (site: 203 interior room); Shield Bearer, Art Vigil; Herald, Marcus Robinson; King, Melvin Wilburn; First Senator, Dennis Mercer; Second Senator, Terry Jones; Third Senator, Efren Martinez; Fourth Senator, Ron Florez; Fifth Senator, Igor Pavletic; Sixth Senator, Bill Robinson; Seventh Senator, Randy Allen; Eighth Senator, Will Turner; Ninth Senator, Mike Wulfsohn; Attendants, who wrestled for or are otherwise related to once Vice Chancellor Coach Chavez:, Elias Alfaro, Ulises Alfaro, Mike Anthony, Ramon Bargas, Ignatio Bernal, Eloy Chavez, Gil Chavez, Jr., Adrian Green, Ryad Khankan, Rich Martinez , Greg Tabberer & other Knights present to honor the Class' namesake .

Note: If for any reason a member of the cast with a speaking part does not have a ritual book or will be unable to be present, he is expected to advise the editor immediately. That way, the former can be provided and the latter filled by another Knight.

9:30 P.M. (or thereabouts) Each new Knight will declare his impression of having been initiated, proved and charged and the role he plans to play in the life of the lodge. He will then be presented with his own copy of the full form Knights of Pythias Ritual and Pythian lapel pin. Following any announcements or brief business, the lodge will Close in due form.

Second Tuesday, November 13:
Grange Hall, 3935 W. 73rd Avenue, Westminster, Colorado
Refer to Second Tuesday, September 11, for directions. Come as you are, casual or work attire is fine. Dads and other prospective members are welcome

Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club Junto Dinner
5:30 p.m. Hall setup by Dan Fick and Melvin Wilburn; Terry Jones buffet dinner final touches.
6:30 P.M. Wrestling season is under way. Club members on wrestling teams coached by Knights at Westminster and other high schools participating in the Club's program will be handed or e-mailed the Junto menu and program-of-the-evening that will take place over dinner. The latter, having been worked out at the Retreat or otherwise by the participating Knight coaches, wrestlers assembled about The Table Square should find it memorable and usable!

7:30 P.M.
Wrestling Club members and dads depart. Centennial Lodge No. 2 opens its convention in due form for the transaction of such business that may come before it, including first nomination of 2013 officers. Then, in due form, we close at 8:30.

Third Tuesday, December 18:
Grange Hall, 3935 W. 73rd Avenue, Westminster, Colorado - Map Location
Come as you are, casual or work attire is fine. Prospective members & their families welcome.

All Family Christmas Dinner & Installation of 2013 Officers
5:30 p.m. Hall setup of individual tables facing podium by Dan Fick and Melvin Wilburn; Terry Jones keeps the roast turkeys cooked elsewhere warm in kitchen and sets up buffet line.
6:30 p.m. Lodge provides the roast turkey, eating utensils and beverage. Each Knight and Wrestling Club member is asked to bring a salad, side dish or dessert sufficient to serve the number coming in his family.
7:45 p.m. Installation of Officers & Trustees; Chancellor Commander's Inaugural Address. 8:00 We and our families are homeward bound, unless lingering to fellowship.

Note: 2013 Dues are payable by 2013 officers prior to our installation. Further, between then and now, if you're not carrying a 2012 dues card in your wallet that could be shown the Outer Guard at any of our conventions, Treasurer Terry Jones will gladly remedy this upon receiving your $20 for 2012 dues. Make your check payable to "Centennial Lodge No. 2, Knights of Pythias" and mail it to him at 2075 South University Blvd. D-219, Denver, CO 80210. Thanks.

Next Year, August 24, 2013
The previously announced August 25, 2012, breakfast, cleanup of the Knights of Pythias Cemetery above Central City and afternoon "cemetery crawl" was postponed a year for two reasons: First, your editor only has been provided with the Applications for Membership of 5 of the 11+- youth in our Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club. So he lacked most of their names and addresses to invite them to this outing, planned to take place jointly with them and us Knights. Second, Treasurer Terry Jones, after a recent visit, reports that except for a few downed tree branches, our cemetery is in good order. So in consultation with Greg Thompson, Community Development Director for the City of Central, here is the now reworked schedule that truly merits the participation of both young and old in next year's Centennial Lodge & KP Wrestling Club

Central City Service Project & "Cemetery Crawl"
8 a.m. Come to the Country Buffet, 8685 Sheridan Blvd, Westminster, CO 80003. As you enter, tell the cashier that you're with the Knights of Pythias. Pick and choose among the 400 items. Then bring your hearty breakfast all the way back to the private Banquet Room where your fellow Knights of Pythias Wrestling Club members, Knights, and prospective members will be dining. Also welcome are wives, significant others and Club members' girlfriends, moms and dads willing to go work. And so no family will have to worry about child care, we'll look after these future wrestlers as we work. However, so that Greg Thompson may select a service project that can be accomplished in the 3 hours allotted with the man/woman power we bring to the Central City work site, signups in advance will be required. Lodge will pick up the tab for breakfast for all in return for each youth's and adult's willingness to work from 10 to 1 on this meaningful service project in historic Central City. What to wear and what tools to bring (if you have them) will be furnished to those signing up for this project.

9 a.m Depart for Center City. Carpooling, for those who wish, will be arranged over breakfast. Drivers will be provided written directions from Denver to the Central City work site.

1 p.m. We're off along Eureka Street to our Cemetery. Just outside its overarching "Knights of Pythias" entrance sign all will enjoy a lodge-provided watermelon feed. Within its sacred bounds we'll take care of the downed branches. Who'll bring the chain saw? Who'll bring axes to turn the cut-up branches into your firewood? Would you like someday to come to rest there in the Colorado mountains? Knights and their families are so entitled.

2 p.m. "Cemetery Crawl" conducted annually by the Gilpin County Historical Society. 2012's was in the Independent Order of Odd Fellows cemetery only a few yards and across Eureka Street from ours. The cemetery in Russell Gulch is the 2013 site. However, the Society's Ryan Massey left the editor a voice message saying 2014 may well be the Knights of Pythias' turn!

This popular event moves to a different cemetery each year and tells the stories of different inhabitants there. Local actors dressed in period costumes stand beside the tombstones of selected pioneers whose lives they have researched. Then guides, also dressed in period costume, take small groups in a pattern to hear the tales of these unheralded men and women who lived in Gilpin County in the 19th century.

As an further "thank you" to 10-1 p.m. workers, the lodge will pick up the "Cemetery Crawl" tab for those of us wishing to stick around and enjoy this interesting journey into the past from 2 to 4.

A Concluding Word

We trust that the happenings set forth in this Autumn 2012 Knight Letter will merit your attendance and participation, if at all possible. Then watch for our Spring 2013 Knight Letter containing the yet-to-be- planned events between New Year's Day and this August 24, 2013, outing. Meanwhile, honored widow and Knight-at-a Distance, please supply your editor with news of what's happening in your life for inclusion in that issue. That can be done either via email to williamfrobinsoniii@gmail or mail addressed to 4105 E. Girard Avenue, Denver, CO 80222. The cooperation of all in these ventures of our great Order is very much appreciated!

Fraternally yours in Friendship, Charity and Benevolence,

Bill Robinson, Editor - Questions? Call (303) 756-6601 / Jeff Orrok, Publisher


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